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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

What the fuck is this?

I’ve desperately wanted one of these ever since I saw this video. This time, Japan. This time.

This is super cute, but what a pain in the ass. Also, I’d need to eat like 40 of those to make me full.

Uh….these aren’t food, if I’m not mistaken?
My friend who lived in Japan(and speaks Japanese) showed these to me a long time ago.
They’re like mini playdough/modeling clay kits.

Oh Japan…

Silly me.. Just bought two pairs of shoes and realized I’m leaving Korea in a few months and have been spending money to ship my endless amounts of things back home! :/ why am I buying more? Haha

Pretty addicted to gmarket sales on Toms shoes. Damn you toms and your ultimate comfiness!!!
I recently bought the black crochet Toms and absolutely love them!!! I’ve been wanting to get more but they are 100$ at Aland!
I found more in new colors for only 60$!!! I got purple crochet toms to add color to my black wardrobe and also nabbed the black glitters I’ve been eyeing for over a year!!!
Both pairs only 115$!!! Yay! I figure I’ve been good with my bills so may as well splurge on shoes I adore!
Yay Toms!!!

Went back to the dermatologist today. I had an appointment at 6. Arrived at 545 and left at 6! Pretty impressive.
If you have any dermatology issues or interests visit this place.
It’s at Sookmyung Women’s University station exit 1. Walk straight until you see a pink sign with a big white W. It’s very easy to find! They also speak flawless English!

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