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I haven’t been on tumblr in so long!!! Let me tell you my hectic adventure.

I left Korea, sadly, to pursue a teaching job in my own country. I arrived back home on August 10th. I left almost immediately and visited family on one side.
Then I started job searching with very little hope since most teachers would have been hired by this time and potentially already preparing.
In the form of a miracle I got a reply from a private school right in Calgary. I had a Skype interview the next day, got the job that day!
The. It sunk in, the job starts August 27th.
I need a flight, an apartment, furniture and all kinds of things that most people wouldn’t need in a week flat!
Let me tell it has been more stressful to move across Canada to Calgary then it was to move across the world to Korea!
So I’m in my apartment now waiting for furniture to arrive on the weekend.
I’ve started teaching grade 3 at my school. It’s been hard but beginning to get fun!
What a crazy life I live.

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