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If you ever looked at character profiles for anime characters, you would know this already.

Scary thing is, I feel like I actually fit the type A, especially the negative traits.

I’m type O but the negatives… I don’t fit all of them so there’s that. Lol

My old coteacher was a huge believer in this. I am an O and every time I started dating someone she’d ask his blood type. I was dating a B type and she said it would never work because we don’t match. Turned out he was selfish and asked me to move across the world to stay with him. No thanks!

Loving this Canadian weather… 

I can walk around in summer clothes without sweating profusely, I can leave my window open at night with a cool breeze,and the clean, clear air is heaven to my lungs!

Feeling fab and starting to get over jet lag, slowly but surely. 

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