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It is 43 degrees today. I had to go to school and grab my scale to weigh my suitcases and then came back. Then had to go to the pension office but or got my passport. So I had to go back home and return again. I was so sweaty and gross! I had plans to do more in Sinsa but couldn’t handle the heat. Maybe tomorrow!

So I packed my 3 suitcases and realized I’m screwed. I have far too much stuff and will need to really get rid of stuff! I hate getting rid of clothes. Anyone else get the… I may wear this someday…


Bleeping sucks. Why do I have so much stuff? Why is it so hard to get rid of things? I’m selling a few things on Seoul Buy and Sell but I want someone to come and just take all my kitchen stuff, old clothes and shoes, ect.. Where is my trash fairy?







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